After using the pulp and leftovers from Æblerov’s cider production, it only made sense to also use their cider in this drink! Like biting in to a sour apple! 

This crisp cocktail by Mixmasterflex (Bobo Food Studio) is fruity, fresh and surprisingly complex. If you can’t get cider from Æblerov we pity you. Make sure you use the driest, most acidic cider you can find. Ideally something spontaneously fermented.

6 cl.            EtOH Appealing

3 cl.            Lemon Juice

1,5 cl.          Pineapple Syrup

2 cl.            Green Chartruse

0,5 cl.         Egg white

Combine ingridingents in a shaker, first shake the ingredients without ice to emuslify the eggwhite, then shake again with ice to chill the drink and create a soft frothy foam.
Pour into a chilled highball glass filled with ice. Top with Cider.