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The future of spirits

Flavour through technology

Accelerating the aging of spirits from years down to days. We use science to draw out the natural flavours and nuances in the wood and ingredients for our spirits. By combining several high-tech acceleration techniques, such as ultrasound, heat and oxygen we transform raw spirits into mature complex and flavourful masterpieces

The process is so precise that we do not need to rely on blending to achieve repeatability and consistency. What you get is an authentic spirit, with natural flavours and a touch of the future in every bottle. 


Oxygen is vital for every breathing creature and so is it for our spirit as well. For us most importantly it oxidizes primary and secondary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones respectively - delivering the necessary input for achieving complex and mellow aging notes.


Ultrasound is our main extraction parameter. Working with both vibration and cavitation, the ultrasounds loosens up the ingredients and force molecules together to create new aroma compounds and structures in the spirit. This helps us to extract compounds of interest at a higher rate from various wood species.


Temperature is our fifth dimension to the four-dimensional space-time continuum. It increases the rate of all reactions which occur during the aging process and sets the pace of chemical reactions. This allows for new chemical pathways and helps to solubilise all the fixed structures in the wood.

EtOH Spirits

Our products range from pure malt to rye and bourbon. From the classic spirits to the more novel and experimental flavour experiences. Both we find equally important which is why we have categorised our spirits as either a classic or a novel.

Classics showcase just what our technique is capable of. In this range, we present our interpretation of established styles and spirits. Building on great quality new makes we add traditional barrels such as Oloroso and Port to transform our spirit. 

Novels is a series of spirits where we turn to nature and the world around us to explore new and unique flavours through experimentation and a touch of mad genius. Expect to see intriguing flavours and unusual expressions never before seen in aged spirits.

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What Our Customers Say

Let’s just go for it. An all-in leap of faith with zero prejudice. Honestly? This is delicious!
How is the result then? Well, unexpectedly good. [...] The barrel character is surprisingly good, and the wood integration is quite nice.
Whisky& Magazine
This is / MEGA/ delish! If you get a chance make sure you grab a bottle

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